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We fundraise, gift, and design healing pathways that interrupt legacies of internalized adversity, oppression, and trauma, which fester differently in the body, psyche, and wombs of *Black Indigenous Wombmen.

Our Healing retreats are intentional, holistic, opulent, and spacious environments surrounded by nature where older and younger Black Indigenous Wombmen worldwide gather in small groups from all backgrounds to witness each other in supported acts of care, rest, and abundance with other *Black Indigenous Wombmen Space Holders.

*We define Black Indigenous Wombmen as black/brown female bodies with lineages defined as colored, mulatto, Indigenous, Aborigene,    Afro-Indigenous/Afro-Caribbean, or Black bodies of culture born with wombs and may or may not identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, or heterosexual.


We envision Healing Pathways championing spaciousness for Joy, Rest, bereavement, Wellness, Rage, repair,co-learning, compassionate care, and abundance to replenish *Black Indigenous Wombmen Leaderships that thrive on interrupting legacies of internalized trauma and oppression. Healing Pathways restore all relations (past and present), including the natural order of collective healing and responsibility amongst older and younger Black Indigenous Wombmen.

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Donations help us in the continuous work of supporting acts of care, rest, and abundance for Black Indigenous Wombmen.

WE accept Donor Advisory Funds (DAF) giftS

We are womanists- a collective consciousness governed by embodied wisdom within a matrifocal understanding of the interconnectedness, sanctity, and interdependency of people, environments, and sentient beings.

We center the leadership, voice, and lived experiences of older and younger *Black Indigenous Wombmen.

We are a Maine/New England-based coalition of BIPOC and white-bodied community leaders and
stakeholders, philanthropists, and business owners who work together within authentic relations to fundraise and serve as community advisors.

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Our Retreats

Our Chilaxe Retreats offer wellness *amenities with trained professionals, i.e., chefs, massages, saunas, hot tubs, soaks, life coaching, meditation, dance, pool, etc.

*Amenity activities vary according to retreat locations.


"The Harriet Tubman Movement Coalition help me to take up my space and how to show up in white circles and feel validated. I really love being heard now, expressing my inner self. The THTMC has been helping me to dig deep, wondering why does my body change or feel uncomfortable when I enter a room and my response to that? How can I bring comfort to myself and others? My comfort plays out in THTMC. I feel free and I have self-control and the worry fades away. Our culture has been taken away from us and THTMC has implemented these cultures back into our life."

— Tierra Ross

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Our Team

We are Black indigenous wombmen bodies of culture who have relocated, or families have generational standing within the unceded territories of the Wabanaki confederacy, known currently as Maine, based on choice, reclamation, innovation, freedom, and sovereignty. 

Our community advisors are BIPOC and white-bodied community leaders and stakeholders, philanthropists, and business owners, who act in authentic relationships to develop programming and secure funding and resources to sustain the mission, vision, and programming of the Harriet Tubman Movement Coalition. 

SEP, LCSW, Kripalu Yoga Instructor Harrison, ME, USA

Thrive Space Holder: Founder, Retreat Curator, Lead Facilitator


Licensed Massage Therapist, CKTP, Co-Founder + Thrive Biodynamics Practitioner and
Co - Facilitator


Lead House Manager and Lead Coordinator


Assistant Guest facilitator and Assistant House Manager

" Faith has always provided me with the fortitude necessary to listen within to the wisdom of my lived experiences and the experiences of the ancestors- all of which are stored within my bones, my heart, and gut. 
Suffering from burn out and fatigue, I choose to walk away from my private practice. It was time to reinvent myself - to re-envision my talents, strengths, and passions. Allowing myself this radical departure from my identity as a therapist, kindled the space and fortitude required to explore alternatives. This exploration quickly became the Harriet Tubman Movement Coalition in Maine. "

— Keita Whitten Foster

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